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Is located in the town of shenzhen guangming new city hai pond tail first industrial zone of 50, is a professional engaged in the hardware product research and development, production, sales in the integration of enterprises, with advanced technology and management experience to create high quality products and services. Company since the date of establishment, adhering to the "quality first, integrity-based" business purposes, the introduction of excellent equipment, continuously strengthen product r&d and innovation, with the hardware products for many years, with its superior functionality, high cost performance and reliability, marketing at home and abroad. At present, the product already has a variety of series, forming a multiple varieties, and has set up a sales network, develop a broader market has been highly trusted and welcomed by the customers. Main products include: electronic radiator aluminum shell chassis rack plate radiator panel Laser shell Metal stamping sheet metal parts, etc. The company can be tailor-made according to customer‘s samples or drawings, product quality assurance, physical, and to ensure timely delivery of the goods. Good after-sales service, in combination with high performance of the quality of our products in the industry has gradually set up its own brand... 

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